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Y Reaches Challenger!

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After some hard practicing and as a result of the good environment that we have in our team, the Y.LoL formation has now seen those efforts pay off as they have reached the Challenger Tier in League of Legends! As you all know only some of the LoL teams reach this tier and many don’t even come close so we have to congratulate everybody for this deed.


Y Presents League of Legends Team!

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This is Y‘s first news and it’s with the utmost pleasure that we present Y eSports to the general public, along with our League of Legends team. As you might have noticed, Y eSports (you should pronounce Why eSports) is an electronic sports organization that wants to provide a valid contribution to the gaming community all around, and getting down to the reason we exist, the players, our League of Legends team has already secured a second place at the Clickfiel Steelseries Legends #2 and a third place in an european ESL Go4lol Cup.