Y What makes over eight million people tune in to live streams to watch other people play video games? Electronic Sports, better known as eSports, is an umbrella term for competitive video gaming.

Competitive gaming has been growing in popularity for a while now, developing a large fan-base that is both loyal and rabid for more content. The millions of people who tune in to eSports events can’t be bored to tears, right? What makes them fun?

Latest Matches

01:02 4Gamers Masters
00:01 4Gamers Masters
01:01 LPLOL S#3 Split#2
00:02 LPLOL S#3 Split#2

Why eSports?

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Makes you Believe

Raise your self esteem by displaying amazing gaming skills.

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Playing team games will improve your teamwork and encourage leadership.

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Set Goals

Working hard to achieve your eSports goals is a valuable life experience.

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Have Fun

Enjoy some precious moments playing games with your friends.